TC10324R GE NEMA Enclosed Safety Switch


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Product Overview

Category- Double Throw
Voltage- 120/240 AC
Amperage- 200 A
Poles- 2
Wires- 3
Fusing- No Fuse
Enclosure- NEMA 3R (Outdoor)
Options- None
Height- 30.16 in
Depth- 8.47 in
Width- 13.27 in
Weight- 38.0 lb
Wire Range- (Cu/Al) 6-250
240 Vac, NEC Std, 3-ph 15 hp
GSA Compliance- Yes
CSA Certified- No
UL Listed- Yes


  • Designed for outdoor rural dwellings and farm buildings to allow connection to a standby generator.

  • Listed to UL standard 98 enclosed and dead front switches.

  • Suitable for use as service equipment when installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code.

  • Suitable for use as transfer equipment in standby systems in accordance with Article 702 of the National Electrical Code.

  • Non-fusible.

  • 60/75°C conductor rating.

  • Lockable handle in ON or OFF position.

  • Galvanized steel construction.