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MCC BUCKETS and Power Equipment Containers






Motor Control Centers are highly engineered assemblies that control some or all-electric power and motor loads from a central location. MCC buckets can consist of thermal-magnetic feeders, combination motor starters with controls, advanced drives and reduced voltage soft starters with push buttons, indicator lights, programmable logic controllers, and metering equipment.We can offer reconditioned and/ or retrofitted aftermarket MCC bucket replacements for your existing motor control center. We can deliver these MCC buckets with custom timers, relays, indicator lights, and more!

EXCO specializes in RETROFITTING any obsolete or  older builds. We can add or modify components that can upgrade your current structure to help eleminate costs and improve performance that is more energy efficient!

EXCO Custom Power Equipment Containers

Our custom power equipment containers are always made high-quality built to your specifications.

A budgetary solution to house any and all type of equipment you are needing, that are weatherproof and self contained with heating and air conditioning options.

Containers come with lighting and lighting panels, 102v/240v outlets, emergency exit signs, breaker distribution panels, drives, soft starts, across the line starters, PLC and computerized systems. Contact us today to get started on your customized equipment containers!